Port Safety and Local Notices


Bembridge Harbour Authority is committed to complying with the PMSC (Port Marine Safety Code) and operates a marine Safety Management System to ensure everybody can continue to use the Harbour safely.  An annual external PMSC Audit confirmed full compliance with the Code in April 2019.  If you have any safety concerns or recommendations please contact the Operations and Safety Manager.  Harbour stakeholders may apply to the Harbour Office to access the SMS and the records it generates.

Please comply with BHIC Byelaws, heed the information and warnings contained in Local Notices to Mariners, and comply with the directions given by Senior Harbour staff.


Local Notices to Mariners

Please see below a list of Local Notices to Mariners.  Particular attention is drawn to LNTM 1 and 2 which are reviewed / updated annually and remain relevant and in force throughout the year (both will be reviewed and republished in early 2021).   

Click on a notice to open and print:

LNTM 7.2021 - 5.3.21 - Navigation Marker buoy maintenance & buoys off station (cancelled)

LNTM 6.2021 - 3.3.21 - Navigation Marker buoy off station (replaced by LNTM 7) (cancelled)

LNTM 5.2021 - 13.2.21 - Navigation Marker buoys off station (replaced by LNTM 7) (cancelled)

LNTM 4.2021 - 22.1.21 - UK Entry and Exit Formalities for Recreational Craft

LNTM 3.2021 Update Amendment - 5.1.21 National Lockdown (cancelled)

LNTM 3.2021 - 2.1.21 - Isle of Wight entering Tier 4 (see also update of 5.1.21) (cancelled)

LNTM 2/2020 - Navigational Information

LNTM 1/2020 - General Instructions & Advice (Port Marine Safety Code)