Port Safety and Local Notices


Bembridge Harbour Authority is committed to complying with the PMSC (Port Marine Safety Code) and operates a marine Safety Management System to ensure everybody can continue to use the Harbour safely.  An annual external PMSC Audit confirmed full compliance with the Code in April 2019.  If you have any safety concerns or recommendations please contact the Operations and Safety Manager.  Harbour stakeholders may apply to the Harbour Office to access the SMS and the records it generates.

Please comply with BHIC Byelaws, heed the information and warnings contained in Local Notices to Mariners, and comply with the directions given by Senior Harbour staff.


Local Notices to Mariners

Please see below a list of Local Notices to Mariners.  Particular attention is drawn to LNTM 1 and 2 which are reviewed / updated annually and remain relevant and in force throughout the year.  Scroll down for links to all notices.    

Click on a notice to open and print (apologies that 9-11 cannot be linked to at the current time, but none are active):

LNTM 13/2021 - 21st September 2021

Dredging Operations in the Inner Harbour

Notice is hereby given that on 27th September 2021, the dredging barge Witton Dredger and hopper barge Split 2 are scheduled to arrive in Bembridge Harbour, ahead of dredging operations commencing on Friday 1st October.

During this time, harbour staff will be dismantling the Duver visitor finger pontoons. These will be temporarily relocated to the south side of the 2 mid-harbour pontoons south of number 12a & 14 buoys. Vessels are advised to be vigilant and where possible avoid this area.

The area to the east of the Fisherman’s pontoon used for mid-harbour moorings will not be cleared of boats or mooring buoys until dredging operations are complete; this is expected to be in early November.

The dredging vessels will be working in the areas of the Duver pontoon (both sides) and Bembridge Boat Storage (BBS) pontoon for approximately 3 weeks. This dredging work may also include weekend work where possible. 

All vessel users should take extreme care, especially when these vessels are entering / leaving the Harbour; their manoeuvrability is very restricted. Advance notice by Harbour Staff of all barge movements will be given on VHF Channel 80, and where deemed necessary an escort vessel will be provided.

All berthing at the Duver Marina will be restricted for the duration of the work.  Please phone the Berthing Office in advance for information (01983 872828 ext 1) or use VHF Channel 80 (callsign: "Bembridge Harbour").  

This dredging work will be carried out with the least possible disruption to Harbour operations and every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience to Harbour customers.  Please see the Harbour Website for regular updates - www.bembridgeharbour.co.uk

Gordon Wight
Operations & Safety Manager


LNTM 12/2021 - 20th August 2021

Dredger relocation and operations

Please be aware that the Harbour dredger, United One, will be relocated today (late morning) under tow, from its current position off the BBS pontoons, to number 13 buoy to commence dredging operations.  Announcements will be made on VHF Channel 80

Gordon Wight
Operations & Safety Manager

LNTM 11.2021 - 17.7.21  Light and fittings removed from Navigation Buoy No 1 (light and fittings reinstated - notice cancelled) 

LNTM 10.2021 -  8.7.21 Duver Visitors Water Taxi pontoon extension (completed)

LNTM 9.2021 - 1.7.21 - 2021 Time Expired Pyrotechnic Amnesty (cancelled)

LNTM 8.2021 - 8.6.21 - Dredging in the Entrance Channel (cancelled)

LNTM 7.2021 - 5.3.21 - Navigation Marker buoy maintenance & buoys off station (cancelled)

LNTM 6.2021 - 3.3.21 - Navigation Marker buoy off station (replaced by LNTM 7) (cancelled)

LNTM 5.2021 - 13.2.21 - Navigation Marker buoys off station (replaced by LNTM 7) (cancelled)

LNTM 4.2021 - 22.1.21 - UK Entry and Exit Formalities for Recreational Craft

LNTM 3.2021 Update Amendment - 5.1.21 National Lockdown (cancelled)

LNTM 3.2021 - 2.1.21 - Isle of Wight entering Tier 4 (see also update of 5.1.21) (cancelled)

LNTM 2/2021 - Navigational Information

LNTM 1/2021 - General Instructions & Advice (Port Marine Safety Code)